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Lamont Evans, C.E.O. - The Industry Consultant 

In 2007 I decided to transition from employee to full-time self-employment and business owner in the cosmetology and barber industry. With over fifteen years of experience I now show all self-employed and small business professionals how to create and scale a profitable business. I operate as a full time business owner and offer consulting services for entrepreneurs that want to speed up the process of learning what it takes to become full time self-employed or small business owners.


Private or Group Business Consulting Services


Private/Group Consulting

Building and growing your business can be lonely without a community of other self-employed and small business owners. Learn more about our online consulting group and private consultations for your business.

Business Development Workshops

Our LIVE small business development workshops are extremely valuable to the growth of your company. We believe your business will only grow as much as you grow as a business owner. 


Small Business Professionals Recommend

Linda S.

"Great service. Lamont is the ultimate professional and his work speaks for itself. He just gained another customer..."

Aaron A. 

"Great attention to details. Terrific service. Very professional."

Andrew E.

"Lamont's a great teacher. We speak about how to grow my business and it's been a good learning experience for me."


Business Development In Motion

Barber & Beauty Advertising Education🤔

Barber & Beauty Advertising Education🤔

Have you ever thought about using Social Media Advertising for your barber, beauty or makeup business? I know that your business needs customers to survive and if you don't have a solid source of new people interested in your products and services then you may not be able to... 1. Pay Booth Rent 2. Quit That Second Job You've Been Holding On To, OR 3. Grow Your Clientele Into A Successful Self-Employed Small Business That Allows You To Work When You Want To Work. Hey I Get It! Social Media Advertising may not be your thing. I know how it is being a barber or hair stylists. Most of us came into this profession because we hated working for other people, and learning how to cut or style hair is the ONLY skill that barber & beauty schools taught us that was worth mastering. But if you want to be able to master... 1. Reaching Thousands Of Potential Customers Within A Short Radius Of Your Shop Without Leaving Your House, 2. The Technical Internet Stuff That People Talk About When Creating Advertisements, OR 3. Have A Coach And Group Members Help You Along The Way As You Master & Build Your Online Barber/Beauty Business... Then keep reading! I want to see you succeed in your barber & beauty career. I hate when people get out of the business because they don't know how to get clients in the chair or keep them coming back. Most barbers & stylists I know are clueless as to creating an online social media advertising strategy that would solve their problems. So if you need help with this and want to build your business click below and schedule a FREE Social Media Advertising Training and I'll look at where you are and work with you to implement a strategy for your barber shop or beauty salon.